Bench Press Routine

Muscle Building Workout – Bench Press Routine

There are so many guys out there that are currently going through different bench press routine after another in the hopes of finding one which will actually work. For most people who are just now choosing to get into body building, the most hated question they hear on a regular basis is, “How much weight can you bench?” For most people today, the biggest problem with bench press routines are that they lead to over training without any real results.

You do not want to over train or you will never be able to increase the amount that you can bench press. Furthermore, many guys out there are not even suited for working out on the bench press. If you are like many people who have long arms but a fairly shallow frame, then this means that your arms will have to be doing most of the workout rather then the chest. For guys like this, you do not need to use a standard bench press, but rather need to move over and make use of the decline bench.

When it comes to the bench press, it is the chest that you should be working on and not the arms. So for those who have longer arms, the decline bench will be properly set up for a biomechanically correct workout versus the standard flat bench.

You also need to pick out 3 days every single week which are not consecutive. This means that you will either be left with one extra day of rest every week, or you just choose to bench press every other week and get in 4 workouts on some weeks and 3 on others.

Start off with your current weight and do five sets with progressively lower number of repetitions and a 2 minute rest in between the sets. In this manner, you will be doing 5 sets of 5 repetitions, then 4, then 3, 2 and finally 1 repetition at your current bench pressing weight.

If you have chosen to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then the next time you sit down at the bench, if your current maximum is 175 pounds, then on your next workout day, move up 5 pounds to 180 pounds on Wednesday, then 185 pounds on Friday.

Here’s the catch though, on the following Monday, rather then go up 5 pounds from Friday, go down 5 pounds to 180 and start the week here. This will allow you to progressively increase you maximum bench press weight by 5 pounds every single week until there will eventually be a point where you are no longer able to move up 5 pounds no matter how hard you try; this is your true maximum bench weight.

It is at this point when you will need to start a whole new workout routine in order to increase your maximum bench weight. In fact, you should probably come back with a completely new training routine for your entire body. All body builders eventually come to this stall point in which they have no other choice but to completely change their workout routines in order to further increase their muscle mass gains.