Alcohol And The Muscle Building Diet

One thing that most people attempting to bulk up their muscles face is the dilemma of the occasional drink. Is it right to drink when you are on a muscle building diet or not? How will your weight gain goals be affected by the occasional beer or two?

alcohol and the muscle building dietThe following information related to the effects of alcohol on muscle building should help you make the correct decision:

Alcohol can affect protein synthesis

Muscle tissues are rebuild individually while you are trying to build your muscles and anything that affects protein synthesis will be an obstacle to this goal. As too many drinks can affect protein synthesis by as much as 20%, you can expect a setback of 20% in your goals.

Alcohol Reduces Testosterone levels

Your hormone levels play an important role in the muscle mass that you can gain, so it is important that you avoid factors that are counterproductive. Alcohol consumption causes an increase in estrogen levels in men, and a reduction in the levels of free-flowing testosterone, which is the most important anabolic hormone. When testosterone levels reduce, bulking up is affected adversely.

Alcohol causes dehydration

If you are well hydrated, you can work out for longer durations and feel hungry less often. Alcohol plays the role of a diuretic, causing loss of water in the body. Drinking plenty of water after consuming alcohol is one solution. Dehydration prevents effective delivery of essential nutrients to muscle tissues undergoing repair. So, if you don’t want your weight gain goal to be affected, you need to make sure that your body is properly hydrated.

Alcohol and Body Fat

While it may not seem so, alcohol consumption can cause an increase in abdominal fat. Each gram of alcohol consumed contributes about 7 calories to your body, and if you don’t keep track of how much you are drinking, you will soon find your belly growing. Of course, it is important for you to consume more calories than you burn when you are on a muscle building diet, but it is better that the excess calories come from a healthier alternative than alcohol.

These are the factors you must consider when you are planning a night out with your friends. Alcohol consumption may not be advisable for those who are really trying to get the most out of their workout and muscle building diet, but if you are not into professional body building, an occasional drink may not affect your weight gain to a great extent.

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