Muscle Building Workouts For The Leg

Muscle Building Workouts For The Leg – Incorporate these Exercises In Your Leg Routines

If you are serious about bulking up, you would have realized by now that the best route to building up the muscles in your leg is to include a lower body workout in your muscle building workouts. There are several options before you in terms of the exercises that you can do and the frequency with which you can perform them. You could opt for working your legs once a week; or biweekly using an upper/lower split, or go for a full-body program where you exercise them thrice weekly. The choice is really left to you, and should be based on the comfort levels, past experience and recovery rate.

Sprints in Cardio Routine

Most people on muscle building workouts should be very careful about the kind of cardio exercises that they do, so as to not overtrain the leg muscles. Of all cardio exercises, sprints are the ones that tax your lower body the most. If your workouts involve exercises such as squats, lunges and deadlifts that are meant to bulk up leg muscles, then it is better to not go in for sprints thrice a week. If your workout program features sprints, then it is better that you treat it as a lower body workout. Make changes in your workout and cardio sessions to accommodate these factors.

One alternative available for people who can take tough training sessions and bounce back quickly, thanks to a fast recovery rate is this – you can opt to do your leg workouts and sprint sessions on the same day, but be forewarned, your day is going to be grueling indeed.

Fatigue levels can peak on such days, and while you can get some relief by doing your cardio and muscle building workouts in sessions separated by at least 6-8 hours of the day, it is better to limit such sessions to once or at most twice a week to avoid overtraining the leg muscles. Of course, it is essential to get adequate nutrition, especially on such days when you tax your body to its limits, so that the repair and growth processes benefit the most.

In conclusion, while the best way to develop your leg muscles is by doing heavy lifts in your ‘muscle building workouts for the leg‘ and incorporate as much cardio as is required to maintain fitness, there is no gain saying the fact that the two activities oppose the benefits the body can derive from each. So, if you are really into cardio, make adjustments to your workout and if you favor your workouts over cardio, then do just as much cardio as necessary.